With our help, you can quickly and easily apply for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania .

You only need a phone or computer to contact your doctor. Call from 8AM-8PM any day of the week.

Fill out our registration form
Connect with a doctor online instantly
The consultation and certificate will cost you $199
Get your certificate and visit marijuana dispensary

Make sure that marijuana treatment is right for you-consult our doctor

The doctor will review your medical history to see if cannabis will help you improve your health.Here you can consult a doctor if you have the following:

Experiencing anxiety and stress
Need advice on sports medicine
Need pain management
We will help in the treatment of addiction
We will help with women's health
If you have oncology

How to get cannabis in Pennsylvania??

If you know about the treatment of cannabis, then there are opportunities for you to be treated with natural methods that will be useful for you. We will help you with this.f you have a medical cannabis card in Pennsylvania, you can buy the following products that have passed all laboratory tests and are certified: oils, sprays, capsules, suspensions, gelatin-based chewable tablets, lotions, and so on. Also in our online market, we provide the opportunity to purchase CBD products with delivery. And you don't need a recipe to do this; we have products to solve any problem. We can deliver your orders all over the country. (Proceed to order)

Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

You can start marijuana treatment if you meet the requirements. To do this, you must be diagnosed with a severe, debilitating or life-threatening condition. Some diagnoses that fit the criteria: Autism, Cancer (and remission therapy), Crohn’s disease, Damage to the nervous tissue of the central nervous system (brain-spinal cord) with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity, and other associated neuropathies, Dyskinetic and spastic movement disorders, /AIDS, Huntington’s disease, Opioid use disorder, Parkinson’s, PTSD, Sickle cell anemia, Terminal illness, Tourette syndrome, and so on.

Treatment in Pennsylvania.

420Recs will help you know how to get medical cannabis in Pennsylvania. All you need to do is register on our website and consult with a certified cannabis doctor in Pennsylvania. Then they will assess your health status and prescribe the appropriate course of treatment. If the dialog takes place and you receive recommendations, your name will be entered in the medical register by the patient. You will be able to visit a licensed pharmacy to purchase cannabis.You will need to pay $ 50 to get your ID card. You can pay less if you participate in programs such as SNAP, CHIP, WIC, Medicaid, or PACE/PACENET. A doctor's consultation and certificate will cost you $ 199. It should be noted that they will be charged only in case if the doctor will prescribe you a treatment with cannabis.