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Is there cannabis in Texas?

How can you get a medical cannabis card in Texas? The answer is simple; you don't need it, because all you need to do is register with the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas. CURT allows prescribing and registering cannabis with low THC for patients with certain diseases. In order for you to obtain medical cannabis, you must reside in Texas. The use of cannabis for medical purposes is determined by administration, as specified in the Texas Occupations Code 5169.001. Organizations that dispense medications find patients in CURT and issue prescription medications.

Qualifying conditions for obtaining medical cannabis in Texas.

If you want to start treatment with medical cannabis, you must have one of the qualifying conditions. The current conditions for starting cannabis treatment are listed below:

  • If you suffer from any seizure disorders
  • If you have spasticity
  • You are suffering from epilepsy
  • If you are autistic
  • If you have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • You have terminal cancer
  • Various incurable neurodegenerative diseases
  • A disease such as multiple sclerosis
  • You have Parkinson's disease, and so on
  • Other
If you want to see the entire list of diseases, click here

Get medical cannabis online.

In Texas, you do not need a medical card to get cannabis. It's simple: Register on our website, select the state of Texas and we will help you get in touch with a licensed cannabis doctor. The doctor will be able to assess your health status and prescribe a treatment course. If cannabis is suitable for your treatment, you will be registered with CURT. The doctor will enter a prescription in CURT, so patients do not need a written prescription. Keep in mind that Texas does not provide any medical ID at all. If your doctor does not prescribe cannabis treatment for you, your first appointment is free. Otherwise, if cannabis treatment suits you, your doctor's appointment costs 150 USD. In order to buy a medicine, you need an identity document and the last five digits of your Social Security Number.